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Adaptable, social and emotional virtual agents for the team training

Victeams is a 4-years research project funded by the French National Research Agency, started at the end of 2014 that has 7 partners.
It aims at creating a Virtual Reality tool for training medical leaders to rescue injured soldiers.

The training is focused on non technical skills (communication between medical teams, management/organization)
The application uses artificial intelligence to control the virtual characters and an innovative communication system targeting the training of non-technical skills.

Website of the projet Victeams:


Virtual environment for the training of technological gestures in an aluminium foundry.

Financed by the region Hauts-de-France, the project KIVA (Knowledge and Informed Virtual environment for gesture cApitalization) is a collaborative research project among UTC, the LINAMAR group (company Montupet) and Reviatech.

KIVA strives to create, by using virtual reality, a new training environment for technological gestures in the domain of aluminium casting. It consists of a gesture recognition module ANGORA and a decision module ALPAGA which deliver a sensory feedback to the trainee.

Thanks to the rich interaction and the virtual environment, KIVA allows an adaptive guidance tailored to each trainee, depending on the user’s context and the situation they are in.

KIVA is a winner of the Laval Awards 2018 in the Training & Education category.

Demonstration of the project KIVA:

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