VR Industry Training

Create and manage your professional training in virtual reality.

After virtually recreating your workspaces, VR Industry Training allows to train your operators without danger, without stopping the production, with the full complement of possible breakdowns and alarms.

Virtual reality installations that are affordable and adapted to your needs


By combining affordable equipment and adapting it to the needs of industrial training, the technical training of the industrial operators becomes immersive.

Equipment and tangible workplace


We reproduce the layout of the machine and provide the trainee operator with an exact reproduction of their future workplace: industrial control panels, floorplan, carts with products, workbenches and inspection stations, etc.

Emulation of the control panels


Modification of a real or mock-up control panel, allowing the use of the machine’s functions: supervision of the work cycle, alarms, safety, adjustments.

Training software Revia Training


With Revia Training you create your own training content, training curricula matching the needs of both both you and your trainees and organize the training sessions and reporting according to your goals.