Revia Prototyper

Design your project thanks to virtual reality.

Revia Prototyper is intended for design of workspaces and equipment in 3D and virtual reality, allowing to design, test and simulate projects in advance in a simple manner.

Project design in 3D directly visible in virtual reality

Collaborative presentation of your projects thanks to the virtual reality

Virtual tour and immersive project review

Your easily import and use the 3D models created in the 3D modeling software (3DS Max, Mélangeur, Google Sketchup, etc) or from a CAD model.

You assemble the 3D scenes from the elements imported from an object library.
By combining the standard functionality and these libraries of “ad-hoc” objects developed according to the client’s specification, Revia Prototyper allows to reduce the development costs of this type of projects.

You can indicatethe corrections virtually directly on the 3D model.

By allowing all persons involved in the project to participate in the design project, the engineering, the management and the training benefit from the pertinent feedback from the start of the project design phase.

By using a virtual reality helmet such as HTC VIVE, Revia Prototyper allows to be immersed in the 3D scene to visualize the drawings and the design choices.

The “virtual tour” functionality allows the user to navigate the 3D scene in an immersive manner during the project review, with the possibility to indicate required corrective actions by placing virtual annotations on the 3D model.