With its engineers and virtual and augmented reality experts, REVIATECH will help you in every type of project.

The key points of our approach:
  • To have a holistic approach to your needs and to better suggest you the best virtual or augmented reality solution to fulfill your goals.
  • Adopt an innovative and proven design methodology, allowing us to be reactive all the while ensuring an optimal quality of our development.
  • To rely on our know-how, recognized by the domain experts of our clients, in order to guide you effectively through the project.
  • Ensure the autonomy of your teams after the delivery of our solutions.

1. Pre-study

We study your needs and define with you the functional scope of the simulator.

  • Training for production? For system maintenance?
  • Equipment presentation?
  • Which use cases to handle? Nominal ones? Degraded ones?

2. Data collection

Given the defined functional scope, we will assemble all the information necessary to build the simulator from your experts (trainers, engineers, maintenance technicians).

The result of the study, deliverable, is an expert report on the training seeked (scope, functionalities, interfaces).

3. Development

Given the base of the information collected, we develop your simulator based on the REVIA technology.

You will approve the development after each stage.

4. Deployment

We come to install the training stations you need on your site, including the simulators and the pedagogical software.

If multiple stations are ordered, a central server will be also put in place free of charge in order to centralize the training content.

5. Use of the product

After the initial training, your trainers will take charge of the simulators and will design the training content, plan the training sessions and supervise the pedagogical progress of the trainees.

Software, technical and methodological support will be provided to you.

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