virtual reality as a solution for education and training.

The virtual and augmented reality reinforce, accelerate and improve the traditional training.

By proposing an immersive and interactive training, the user remembers better and faster your training. Each trainee can try different situation, commit errors without consequences for the health or company security but which are necessary to improve their skills.

We propose to virtualize your industrial systems, machine tools, installation, workplaces in order to build an interactive digital simulation.

It reproduces the look and the behavior of the system and permits you to put your trainees in the training situations without risk and without using the real equipment.

Your production equipment is not blocked during the training of your operators and they gain confidence, allowing them to progress faster.

Installed at your site, the simulator(s) are directly usable to create the training content thanks to the integrated pedagogical software.

Virtual 3D visits, staged breakdown situations, explanations and evaluations of technical procedures. The trainees could use them right away to learn and to be evaluated.

You manage and track the training progress of your trainees. You can also determine their level and to evaluate them by consulting their statistics.

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