Revia™ AdvisAR for the technician 4.0

Augmented reality assistant for decision making support – the maintenance use case

As a business, how to approach the augmented reality? How to easily deploy this technology for my maintenance activities? All that without resorting to expensive and long internal R&D projects, requiring a dedicated team together with hardware and software investments.

The tool  Revia™ AdvisAR has been created specifically to address this need and to give businesses an autonomy in their use of augmented reality.

It allows:

  • To capitalize the enterprise know-how. Internal experts can create the augmented reality procedures on PC and Hololens, deploy them for their technicians and to regularly update this new knowledge base.
  • To offer the technician a maintenance assistance on site, providing diagnostics help and guidance with a recall of the maintenance steps in order to significantly reduce the intervention time. ‘
  • To avoid having to constantly rely on the experts, whether by distance communication or by having to send them on site
  • An use in training and learning

The digital transformation is at your fingertips!