virtual reality in the service of engineers and architects

Do you use CAD for your plans and models?

Your plans and 3D models will be even more interesting when the results are observed at a true 1:1 scale thanks to virtual reality.

No matter what is your field of activity, your 3D files can be used in virtual reality.

These virtual models will allow you to reduce the productions time and costs by optimizing directly the design stage.

Virtual reality allows to interact with the digital models produced by CAD. By integrating the simulation of physical phenomena, it gives the user the possibility to interact with these virtual representations, opening new possibilities for the enterprise:

  • tests and trials impossible to perform in reality;
  • multiplication of options, architectures, combinations, colors;
  • integration of the final users into the design team allowing them to evaluate the future product;
  • staging of the products in different environments;
  • collaborative work with the other company departments, other trades or other countries around the same interactive virtual representation.

Relevant for all industry sectors:  engineering, constructions, chemistry, automotive, medicine, aeronautics, food and agriculture, etc.

Tests and prototyping: virtual reality as tool for testing and validation.

Following the initial design stages, the virtual reality allows to prototype the solution on the 1:1 scale and to test them to validate their viability in the almost real conditions.

The prototypes are visualized in virtual reality and the tests are thus performed while immersed.

The virtual reality will allow you to verify the presence of design errors, to simply test multiple hypotheses, to simulate installations, validate their ergonomics, … By delivering a proven and thus optimized solution it allows to accelerate the final tuning/debugging phase.

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