Risk and incorrect practice prevention in the workplace

Simple to deploy and very engaging for every trainee, we propose you a training tool recreating your work environment in virtual reality.

Effectively educate your employees

Equipped with a virtual reality helmet, every user is immersed in a realistic workspace, allowing to simulate the risks and incorrect practices they are daily confronted with.

Mechanical, physical, chemical and other risks to health, security or environment, every situation can be reproduces in a realistic manner for a strong engagement of the user.

Reinforce your theoretical training

A true supplement for your theoretical training, virtual reality training is faster and most cost-effective to put in place, without the need to block the production equipment or to risk damage to it.

Supervise the training of your staff

Each training session is concluded with an individual score, motivating the trainee and allowing the manager in charge of training to track the general progress of your staff.