Who are we?

Created in 2008, REVIATECH is an Innovative Enterprise in the field of  virtual and augmented reality.

Together with two complementary activities: software engineering services and software development, Reviatech develops, trains and maintains for its clients made to measure applications ranging from a simple 3D virtual visit to a training immersive virtual environment or a breakdown diagnostics tool in augmented reality.

Using the in-house developed Revia™ technology, the company is one of the few to propose a complete range of 3D software dedicated to design, communication and training within a business.

REVIATECH adds to this technology its strong technical expertise, know-how recognized by its clients and a growing experience in the management of innovative projects and in driving change.

We are in Compiègne, in the Oise.


The team of REVIATECH is composed of engineers and computer scientists specialized in multiple domains:

  • 2D and 3D computer graphics,
  • Research and engineering of 3D simulations, virtual and augmented reality
  • Educational engineering and technical studies of industrial systems and processes.

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