REVIA Training benefits

  • Shorter training time
  • Better availability of production infrastructures
  • Reduction of training cost (raw materials, human supervision, energy)
  • Risk-free training (material and human)
  • Better understanding of technical gestures, better reactivity from the operators

Visual and behavioral reproduction of the system

  • Complex usecases are handled, every action from an operator on the machine can be simulated
  • Real know-how evaluation of the operator, his abilities to control the machine
  • More flexible than a real machine (instant snapshot loading, repeatability)

Content management

  • Capitalisation of industrial data, directly on the 3D model of the simulator
  • Instant and contextual access to information, from the virtual environement
  • Integration of existing medias : text, voice, video, pictures
  • Quick and intuitive technical procedures creation, know-how is capitalised
  • The simulator collects knowledge and makes it available to the company

Training and learning syllabus management

  • Publication of a specific agenda per trainee
  • Creation of the learning syllabus according to each trainee profile (newcomer, additional training)
  • Integration with existing Learning Management Systems (SCORM)

Enhanced traceability

  • Intranet access to learning syllabus
  • Dashboard availability, featuring customizable statistics by operator (Overall Equipment Effectiveness, scrap)
  • Automatic recording of the sessions, replay for debriefing purposes