VR Industry Training

VR Industry Training

Thanks to its experience in training by Virtual Reality, Reviatech introduces this year the VR Industry Training. By combining an affordable hardware setup to Virtual reality and by adpating it to the training needs in the industry sector, the technical training of operators becomes immersive.

Reviatech replicates the machine layout and gives to the operator in training the exact reproduction of his future job floor : industrial control panel, ground layouts, products carts, quality tables , etc.

The system consists in :

An affordable virtual reality setup

Ultra short throw projector, tracking cameras, gamepad

Industrial equipment and tangible work area

1:1 scale reproduction of the job floor : safety zones, command buttons positions and tangible objects

Control panel emulation

Modification or fake reproduction of an existing control panel, allowing to use the same features than the real machine: production cycle supervision, alarms, safeties management, adjustments.

Revia Training software

Creation of interactive 3D training courses and training paths. Organization of trainings and data reporting.