Revia Training Software

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Revia Training Software is a software suite for creation and management of the training centred on simulating activity in virtual environment ("virtual learning machine").
Intended for trainers (design), trainees (activities) and managers (management), it allows users to create 3D interactive training content, to organize it into personalized training curricula as well as to track the training progress thanks to the performance indicators (score, elapsed time, etc.).

Content creation

The trainer uses the simulator to reproduce the procedures, the work scenarios or work situations.

Each of those actions is recorded and the software tool offers users to create the different kinds of training content: virtual visits, technical procedure presentation, training exercises, application scenarios, evaluations. Additional material can be added as well, such as multimedia (photos, videos), slides or multiple choice quizzes.

In order to create those exercises, the trainer uses a "3D configurator" to modify the virtual environment and to make it match the desired training situation by integrating distractions, breakdowns, etc.

Management of the training curricula

The instructor prepares the training curricula by assembling series of content matching the various stages of the training (vertical blocks).

According to their profile, a curriculum is assigned to each trainee. This curriculum could be either generic (initial training, recycling, etc.) or personalized.

The instructor can access a progress tracking window in order to determine the level and progress of each student, using performance indicators (scores, elapsed time, completion percentage, etc.).

Finally, thanks to the "Replay" mode, the instructor is able to review every training or evaluation session of the trainee in the virtual environment.


The trainee logs into the system using their personal credentials and accesses the training curriculum that was assigned to them.

Their training progress is available to them as a ribbon representing the training stages and they can complete them at their own pace (training content in the form of lessons, exercises or evaluations).

The student can return to the already completed activity several times in order to deepen their knowledge or to improve their score.