VR Industry Training

VR Industry training

At Laval Virtual this year, Reviatech exceeded the limit of the virtual screen ! Around its new training simulator, Reviatech introduced to visitors the VR Industry Training, or how to adapt an affordable virtual reality setup to the needs in training .
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Founded in 2008, REVIATECH is an innovative startup in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

With three complementary activities: software engineering, software edition and vocational training, REVIATECH develop, train and maintain bespoke solutions going from 3D scene to Serious Game for training or Immersive Virtual Environment.

With Revia™ technology, the company is one of the few players on the market to propose a full range of software dedicated to vocational training within business companies (design, execution and management).

Reviatech also combines to this technology its expertise in 3D and Virtual Reality, a recognized know-how in development of virtual reality training solutions, and a growing knowledge in management of innovative projects and in management of change.

We are based in Compiegne, Picardie, France.